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National Association of Professioinal Pet Sitters (NAPPS)


Karen completed and passed the comprehensive certification program sponsored by the National Association of Professional Petsitters and recently completed the educational and service requirements requirements for recertification. We are also members of NAPPS.  NAPPS is a member association for full- and part-time pet sitters. NAPPS is the only national nonprofit U.S. trade association for individuals with pet sitting businesses. It is operated for and by its members. Other national pet sitting organizations are for-profit. NAPPS also provides many tools and resources to its members at no additional cost.


While Laurie is currently only a part-time pet sitter, she is committed to the need for education.  In addition, both Laurie and Karen have attended the national educational meeting held by NAPPS.




Pet Tech CPR, First Aid and Care Instructor

After receiving certification in Pet CPR and First Aid from Pet Tech, Karen opted for advanced training and certification as an instructor.  K9 Kids Pet Sitters will now be able to offer our pet parents and friends instruction in life saving techniques that could one day save a furry friend's life. 


Laurie is certified in CPR and First Aid and will be helping with all of the CPR and First Aid instruction K9 Kids Pet Sitters and More will offer. 




Veterinary Assistant Training


Karen has completed three separate courses (72 semester hours) designed to prepare Veterinary Assistants. These courses covered topics such as pet care basics, vaccinations, worming, diet and nutrition, canine and feline reproduction, flea control and practical animal handling skills to mention just a few.  We think these courses and the information learned make us more aware and better prepared to take care of your furry friends.  In addition, the year and a half working in a veterinary office helped to reinforce the knowledge acquired in these courses.


NEW!  Just completed the Canine Trainers Academy course in UNDERSTANDING CANINE BODY LANGUAGE - a course of study in safe pet care as it relates to canine communication, body language, behavior observation and interpretation.

Fetch Find Academy


Ongoing dog and cat training program with educational content allowing weekly sessions and provisions for continuing pet care education. 


Doctorate in Education


While this degree is meaningless in the world of fur - it does show that Karen is capable of staying on task for long periods of time and paying attention to very small details. It also means that 30 years of teaching has taught her a great deal about patience which often comes in very handy.



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