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Testimonials (or what people really say about us)

Thanks so much for taking care of our dogs.  It's so great to go and not worry about them.  When we get home, they are always happy to see us but not frantic like they were when we kennelled them.  We'll be calling again I'm certain.

Connie A., Plant City


Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Annabelle, Abigail, Belle, Rosebud and Dixie.  Even if you never laid eyes on 2 of my shy girls, I had no worries knowing someone caring and competent was in charge of my babies and was able to have a carefree vacation.

Tricia F., Plant City


I have been using K9 Kids Pet Sitters and Morefor five years now. When Karen came to our home to introduce herself, we knew in an instant, that her services would be the ones for us. She takes extra care of each of the pets from our dogs to the cat and even the rabbit we had for a little while. It is obvious she loves and cares for animals and our animals adore her.

Karen is meticulous about everything that needs to be done. She is very loving, gentle, and attentive with each animal and none of them feel left out. We cannot say enough about her. She is wonderful. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her services to anyone. No one could possibly be a better sitter for any dog or family pet for that matter.

Anna O Dover, FL


“These folks are great! They have been taking care of my dogs for more than a year and I can always count on them to be there. Even on short notice they have been able to see that my guys are really well cared for and given special attention. I have used them during a ten day vacation, weekends and many times for just drop-in care when I’ve had to work overtime. I couldn’t have found better “friends” and caregivers for my guys. Cody wants to know when they are coming back”

G. Bennett, Dover, FL


Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Lab Prax!  I was about to go into the hospital at any minute to give birth to our first little daughter Alexandra last month. We had no one that could take care of our dog. So luckily i found K9KidsCamp online.  Karen not only was friendly and understanding of our unique situation, she was very very flexible in working with us. Not only that, anoyone who loves animals can spot another animal lover, and Karen and staff really really love animals, especially by the way they treated our Prax like their own. When we got  back, not only was every request carried out per our needs, but Karen went above and beyond. I would trust karen and the staff at K9 Kids Pet Sitters with any task that needed responsible care. How impressive and responsive! I will never ask anyone else to take care of our Prax... not even a relative!

Thank you Karen and Staff at K9 Kids Pet Sitters and More...

Brenda, Valrico, FL


We are so happy to have found a dog sitting company that we feel comfortable with. Prinza and I especially appreciate all the extra belly rubs.  You are top notch and we are extremely happy with your service. You have a client for life... you are the best! THANKS!

Danette, Dover FL

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