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Frequently Asked Questions (or things you really want to know)


Why should I hire a pet sitter when I have always taken my dog/cat to a kennel?

If you and your pet are happy with the kennel then there is no reason to change, but we think most pets are happier in their own surroundings.  We think there are benefits for both you and your pet which make giving us a call worthwhile. These include:

Benefits for your pet

  • Staying home in their safe secure environment

  • Following their regular diet and exercise routine

  • Maintaining regular medical treatment when required (for no extra charge)

  • Ensuring good health - no exposure to other animals' illnesses or parasites

  • Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment

  • Getting lots of personal attention and belly rubs (one of our specialties)

Benefits for you

  • Knowing your pet is in the hands of folks who really care

  • Having the confidence that someone is there to handle other issues, visits to the vet or groomer

  • Not having to ask family or friends to take care of your little friends one more time (love only gets us so much good faith)

  • Feeling your home is more secure (someone will be visiting on a regular basis and can change lights, bring in the mail/paper and water the plants) 

  • Ok and my personal favorite - you don't have to go through the trauma of leaving your pet at the kennel and watching them give you that soulful stare which means "Why me, what did I do wrong" - I call it the "guilt stare".

Why should I hire K9 Kids Pet Sitters and More for any of your services?

This is a good question and we thank the folks who asked.  Granted, almost  anyone can walk a dog, change a cat litter box, scoop poop in a yard or put down a bowl of food, it is definitely not rocket science so why not the teenager next door? We did not start this business on a whim - we took over a year and a half preparing ourselves taking classes, studying, being certified, investigating and obtaining insurance and creating a business plan that we think is solid.  We did these things because while passion and caring are the most important qualities someone who works with animals can have we believe they are not enough if you are going to be responsible for an animal someone considers a part of their family. Understanding animal behavior, nutrition and what to do in an emergency is as important as rubbing bellies and hugging them. From the very start we have wanted to offer peace of mind as well as wagging tails and we think we do that now.


My pet needs medication while I am way is that going to be a problem?

No.  We have fooled many a dog into thinking meds were treats, given cats pills (not an easy task ever), given parakeets medicated drops three times a day after prying their beaks off our fingers and administered shots to an allergy ridden golden retriever.  Gerbil need a special diet? - we can do that.


We have multiple dogs and cats do you charge full fee for each pet?

No (How was that for short?)  Unless you have a herd, there will be no additional charge for extra family members.


What if our plans change and we need to come home early, will there be an extra charge?

No - life happens.  You will be charged only for the services we provide and no more.  The same is true if you decide to stay longer - it is not a problem if you let us know.  You will always be charged for the services provided.


What if something happens and we need to call you at the last minute to walk our dog?

In most instances this should not be a problem, however, contrary to what many think we do have a life and will need to charge you $25 for that emergency stroll.





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