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K9 Kids Pet Sitters and More offers a variety of pet care services that are aimed at providing your furry friends with the care and exercise they need while providing you with the convenience and peace of mind you need.  We would like to work with you to find out what you want and they need

In-Home Care Services - (Pet Sitting)
The service for furry friends that don't handle group living situations with ease, don't do change well, won't consider sleeping on anything but a sofa or just need someone to tuck them in a night.


Option #1 (recommended) - $35.00 per day

This includes three 30 - 45 minute visits for feeding, exercise and lots of loving,


Option #2 - $25.00 per day

This includes 2 thirty - forty five minute visits for exercise and feeding plus lots of TLC.  This option is for those days when you are having a long day at the beach or because of your trip departure or arrival times.


NOTE:  As a policy we will not visit dogs only two times in a 24 hour period during your entire absence for health and liability reasons.  


Option #3 - $50 per day

This includes 4 thirty to forty five minutes for exercise and companionship for those dogs who are younger or those needing extra attention.


Option #4 - Cat or Small Animal visits - $15.00

We realize cats in particular consider caregivers their "staff" and we will be happy to serve their needs - we will feed, clean their outhouse and provide active playtime (if they allow us).


Please contact us if you have needs other than those listed above - we will work with you.

Dog Walking Options

To Go - $15.00

These 15 - 20 minute jaunts are designed to give an outhouse break and leg stretching for the pups whose family members work long hours or who need to be away from the house for long periods of time.  Generally, these walks happen between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., but if your pup’s break needs to happen earlier or later we will work with you to see that it happens.


To Go More - $20.00

A 30 minute walk for those pups who need a little more time and a little more exercise.  The outings also normally occur between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. unless you pup needs them earlier or later we will work with you.


To Go Far - $25.00

The 45 minute walk for the most active of pups - these can happen during the day at a time that is best for your furry friend.  We will stroll, power walk, or go to the dog park and make sure that there is much sniffing included - tailored to your friend's needs, we promise a tail wagging good time.


Please note:  K9 Kids Pet Sitters has a “leave no trace” walking philosophy so you can be assured we will not leave your neighborhood in anything other than the pristine condition we found it.









  • Medications and shots are given at no extra charge for those pets we are sitting or walking..


  • Special Visit - $10.00 (Plant city area)

      If you need us to give you a helping hand giving           medications or shots, we can be there.


Pet Taxi
Rate - $10.00/ half hour (no extra charge for additional campers)


Can't find time to get your furry kids to the vet or the groomer? We can do that  - we will pick up, hold their paws, tell them it will be "ok" and return them to their couch.

Outhouse Clean-up 
Weekly Option - $12.00

Hate the task?  We scoop poop with the best of them – we can do it weekly or on your schedule..number of pets makes no difference

For Most - $10.00/half hour

Don't have a pet, but are going away?  We will visit the house, bring in the paper/mail, water the plants, turn lights on and off, but we don't do windows.....



Pet 1st Aid and CPR Classes
Scheduled Class - $65.00

We all hope we will never need to administer CPR or first aid to our pets - but - once again life happens. 

Knowing the skills that are involved with pet first aid and CPR can mean the difference between life and death between temporary and permanent disability and between rapid and lengthy recovery.  We can help!  We are certified to teach Pet First Aid and CPR by Pet Tech, the gold standard in animal health and safety training.  Let us share with you the basic skills that can make a difference if that emergency ever happens with your pet.  We are scheduling classes or will do private instruction for 2 or more in your home - just let us know....we love to teach.

Next Classes:  TBA

                          Central Bark Doggie Day Care

                          14623 N. Nebraska Ave

                          Tampa  33613

                           9 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Register at: - search for classes and register for classes offered by Karen Sykes

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